Hello! Name's Sly, I'm a 20 year old transmasc (he/him pronouns please and thank you) living in Australia.

I'm an author and aspiring novelist, with a heavy focus on horror and horror-adjacent things. I'm queer, a marxist, and a big proponent of reclaiming spaces online away from corporations in general.

3D-Model and Render by Vladim-3D


  • Sonic! I got into the franchise mid-2023 after finally caving and watching the Snapcube dubs, which got me to watch the movies, which got me playing the games, and so on. It'd been a while since I'd been so deep into a hyperfixation, and Sonic was just what I needed! (Metamy my Metamy)

  • Isopods! I've been interested in isopods for a few years now, mostly a byproduct of my yearning for a fully bioactive terrarium. After agreeing to adopt a friends bearded dragon when he goes off to college, however, I finally had the excuse I needed! Now I've got my starter bin of grey P. Scaber 'pods, and I plan on breeding out as many morphs as I can. (Australia's in dire need of some more interesting morphs!)

  • Horror! What can I say about the horror genre... There's just too much! It's the genre that inpsired me to take up writing in the first place, and there's so much that you can do within it; with all the different subgenres (I'm partial to Gothic, Western, and Psychological horror myself), the many comparisons that can be draws about life, capitalism, abuse, oppression, loneliness, and so many more I've forgotten to name. And of course, how could I forget just enjoying a good 'ol scare from time to time!


I am in a handful of other places on the internet, come say hi!